Monday, March 7, 2011

Tiki for Dogs ...

So you and your dog love Tiki right? Well why not mix the two with some items from Kawaii Paws? They'll be the talk of the next Labrador Luau!

This cool Easter Island Moai dog toy brings the Islands to your backyard or living room! Soft durable Bodies all squeek and are stylized like cool stone Polynesian Gods!

This Casual Canine Aloha Camp shirt is a lightweight Hawaiian print shirt for pets. The perfect relaxed style, this dog shirt features a classic beach scene print and high cut belly for a cozy fit.

Perhaps my favourite is the Tiki Hut collar, with more than a hint of Shag, its a great way to Tikify your Terrier without getting you pointed at in the street. I struggle enough with the "You know the guy with the Hawaiian shirt!" tag as it is!


  1. Oh, fun...The Easter Island toy really has my eye. I think my collie would look so cute with one of those...!