Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wahine of the Week: Belle La Donna...

This weeks Wahine of the Week is the stunning Belle la Donna. I love the flower in the hair,the tattoo, the eyes, the dress ... should I go on!?

She says...
"I'm Belle la Donna, I'm a Burlesquedancer and a pin- up model. I enjoy to seduce the audience with a sweet cocktail of the poison cherry. Only with the secret mixture of this exotic drink I will let you lose your mind!But be careful! Only take a look, not more, don't touch or die !!!"

But what a way to go! ;0)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tiki Farm Magazine ...

Keeping up to date with all the great new creations coming from Tiki Farm is tough ... as they pointed out in their latest newsletter they've been asked to create mugs for designers, restuarants and events across the world ... even those far flung places like Australia!!

To help out they are going to print with the very first copy of the Tiki farm Collectors magazine...

We decided the best way to keep all of our collectors “in the know” is with our new magazine. For years now, we’ve been fielding so many questions about “what’s coming out”, “what events are coming up”, “what artists are doing new mugs”, etc. We’ve been asked for years to do a magazine.

Also if you weren't able to get to any of the events held this year but still want the mug (and maybe a t shirt) then get down to the Farm today as the surplus stock is being sold now...

Red Pepper Retro Vintage Style Graphics ...

Most things here on the Secret Island, and around the rest of world I guess, work best through word of mouth and so today I'll share a little love for someone locally who is becoming a real mover and shaker in the world of vintage design and graphics.

Red Pepper Retro was established in 2009 as an offshoot of the successful graphic design business, Red Pepper Graphics. Founder Susan Cadzow had discovered that many of her clients shared her love of vintage and retro, and there was a huge demand for graphics in that style. Rockabilly bands like the Sonic Aces and Blue Denim needed CD covers designed and retro illustrations drawn. Sydney vintage icons Limpin Jimmy and the Swingin Kitten needed a website to run their gig guide and promote their DJ business, Doll Deluxe and Retrospec’d needed labels designed for their retro fashion ranges, and on it goes!

The Vintage, Retro and Kustom Kulture world is growing in popularity and it seems even people in the mainstream are now contacting Red Pepper Retro to create evocative, iconic imagery to promote their products and services. Susan can create custom illustrations and designs for people who require exclusive or personalised work.  Or she has a vast library of vintage clip art and imagery to create a design tailored especially for you ... the examples shown here are both available as freebies!

With a wealth of experience, and very reasonable prices, there are packages to suit all budgets. Please contact Susan to discuss your needs at Red Pepper Retro.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Visit the Tikiyaki Polynesian Village Resort ...

As I mentioned in my previous post the Secret Island is currently under the firm grip of an Icy Winter... 16 degree maximums inside a bamboo hut has me wishing for Summer and/or warmer climes!

I stumbled across the Tikiyaki Orchestra Village Resort and found a really good deal. Not only to you get the keys to room 151 for a week in the sunshine you also get a copy of the Tikiyaki Orchestra's new album Aloha Baby and a whole heap of booty that Tiki aficionados swipe from reputable Tiki establishments ... you know the mugs, ice bucket, matches, ash trays ... need I go on?

Here is a little more about the hotel itself...

"The Tikiyaki Polynesian Village was constructed at great cost on the golden sands of Waikiki Beach. The well known architectural firm of Dewy, Chetham & Howe was contracted to draw up the plans and build the tropical destination. All the interiors were contracted to be designed by I.M. Bland-one of Hawaii's greatest interior designers. I.M. Bland chose the decore of the Shanghai International Trading Company (ShITCO) as the outfitter for the well appointed room. ShITCO was chosen for its hand made Island look featuring carved furniture made of real Polynesian driftwood and other found artifacts."

Aloha Lanes just one of the substandard facilities available to guests!

Wahine of the Week: Ruby Peru ...

It's Tuesday and so time to warm the Southern Hemisphere Winter here on the Secret Island with my Wahine of the Week. This week I bring you Ruby Peru.

Now I have to admit that I know absolutely nothing about Ruby although I do know that she is the perfect accompaniment to a Tiki carved by none other than Marcus Thorn.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mr. Ho's Orchestra - Third River Rangoon ... a review.

In 2010, Mr. Ho decided to release a series of albums over the next few years under the title "Exotica for Modern Living." These records will attempt to take the best elements of mid-century living, music, and culture and merge them with modern life to provide listeners with a "retro futuristic" listening experience.

The beautiful  artwork by Javier Garcia
The series opened with "The Unforgettable Sounds of Esquivel" featuring 23 musicians playing Mr. Ho's transcriptions of the lost arrangements of Mexico's king of space-age pop. Following this came "Third River Rangoon," featuring third-stream exotica music.I've recently downloaded this and I'm not regretting it... particularly when you can pick up the digital download and CD for $9.99 from their official website.... almost double that on iTunes!

It truly is a wonderful piece of modern exotica. I could give you a review but would rather leave it to the professionals who can far more eloquently articulate what I want to say...

"… Mr. Ho's new album Third River Rangoon, by his shapeshifting ensemble Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica may have been inspired by that subgenre, but it's considerably more magical. It leaves far more to the imagination, a lushly nocturnal collection whose most impressive feat of sorcery is getting a simple lineup of vibraphone, bass flute, bass and percussion to create the sweep of a hundred-piece orchestra. The production is genius…"Lucid Culture. 2011.

"… a perfect cocktail of mid-century 'space age bachelor pad' music deliciously accented with chamber, jazz, classical, and world music…"—Jonathan Perry. Boston Globe. 2011.
Go get it...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tiki Light eBay Auction ...

Here on the Secret Island depite or relatively closeness to all things polynesian there really is little Tiki infuenced design or decoration. Trips to thirft stores, markets offer few rewards, even to a hardened beaccomber like me. I often return home empty handed...

eBay can cough up the odd local gem and reveal a tantilising glimpse of what else is on offer overseas ... oh if we didn't have to pay postage! ;0(

I've been watching this little Tiki Lamp for about a week or so, being offered up by a seller in South Australia. I'm not sure if they knew what they had or if they were offering an item and were interested in what it would go for!
"The most intricate detail on this fantastic 1960’s New Zealand lamp. Features Maori tiki’s galore – all different. Have never seen another like it. It is large and so very heavy. I don’t know what it is made from… it feels like a resin but has the weight of stone – definitely not ceramic. Either way, it is superb and around 50 years old!

The design is all the way round the lamp base… it looks great from any angle. Thoroughly inspected and there is no damage to the lamp base, it is really really nice. The shade is a neutral colour and has a subtle woven pattern. Stunning focal point in any room. Fantastic large size measures : 76cm (tall) x 100cm (circumference). Unpacked it weighs : 4.3kg"

I would have loved this but it was soon out of my price range. It ended up selling for AUS$358 which when converted is slightly more in US dollars. It set me thinking... is the rarity of such items here pushing the price up or would this have reached a similar price in the US.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wahine of the Week: Ms Bombshell Belle Fey ...

It's Tuesday and that means only one thing ... it's time for this weeks Wahine of the Week. This week I'd like to introduce you to Ms Bombshell Belle Fey...

She describes herself as

"A creepy thing loving, pin up Frank Sinatra listening dame from San Diego."

She spent most of her time with her aunt and grandparents listening to oldies and learning how to do the Charleston. She loves Halloween, the rain and baking cookies :) She decorates her house year round with bats, candles and universal monster pictures. Despite only being 22 years old she is already a tattoo artist and is slowly working her way to opening a shop of her own!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Scootiki: Mods and Gods ...

Elroy Artspace Gallery in Portland, Oregon is about to host its 2nd Annual Tiki Fine Art Group Show Opening on the 7th July.

As well as an impressive selection of work from some of Tiki Art's biggest names a special mug will also be released designed by tiki artist Mulder142 in collaboration with, and produced by Paul Neilson of Munktiki! I'll feature this in a future post.

Elroy's "Scootiki: Mods & Gods" show will serve also as the official Art Show of the National Lambretta Jamboree held in Portland July 8-10th!

Here are my picks of the work on show. I tried to go for some artists who I wasn't familiar with ...

Sherill Ann Gross - "Orange", 9" x 9" / 12" x 16" (framed) - $200

Benjamin Burch.

Chris Young.