Monday, June 13, 2011

Wahine of the Week: Madeline Sinclaire...

I've been busy clearing the sizable piles of driftwood that seems to wash up on the shores of the Secret Island in the hope that I can return to regular posting. Things have been very busy ... still I'm back and ready to share with you this weeks wahine (yeah I know we've missed a few Tuesdays!) of the week. Introducing Madeline Sinclaire.

Madeline is a classic Burlesque dancer, choreographer and pin-up model with 4 years of performing and modeling experience. She loves performing, pin-up and totally live the rockabilly lifestyle. She is also a costume and vintage clothing collector and has a huge collection of burlesque props including boas, feather fans and other odds and ends.

She says "I take great pride in what I do and how I present myself and hope it shows in my photos."

It certainly does Madeline! Please check out her website for more info and photos.

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