Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kongs Jungle Lounge ...

Life here on the Secret Island can be a lonely one... I've had to perfect my Mai Tai Making because to be honest the nearest bar worthy of the Tiki name is a twenty hour drive away! For that reason time on Tiki Central leaves me feeling blue as I too would like the choice and the local bar to call home that US based Tiki aficionados enjoy.

So you can imagine my delight when I heard of a new bar/resturant through Tiki Talk opening up just a couple of hours away down at Bondi. The restaurant specializes in what head chef Adam Dundas Taylor calls “Poly-asian” food, which takes its inspiration from places like Nobu and Hugos. The cocktail menu has modern, but respectful versions of favorites like Kongs Mai Tai, Marama Rum Punch, Beachbum Berry’s Miehana, and more.

I'll certainly be making a visit soon...

Kongs Jungle Lounge
110 Spring Street Bondi Junction, Sydney, Australia 2022 | 0280218122

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