Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Derek Party Puzzle Paks ...

Derek Yaniger is another favourite artist of the inhabitants of the Secret Island. His work has the clean edges of SHAG and the nostalgic record cover value of Jim Flora and alike.

Today he released details of "The Derek Party Puzzle Paks" which are sitting on the shelves of Barnes and Noble. Derek says in his own inimitable way "If ya’ don’t mind me blowin’ my own trombone…they look super-swell!!" and I have to agree.

Each Pak includes a piece of kooky collectible barware as well as a 500 piece hi-quality jigsaw puzzle.

Now I'm not sure if its me but drinking and doing jigsaws shouldn't ever be done at the same time... but these will be gone soon so "Catch the hotfoot express to your nearest B and N and head for the puzzle section and snag a set for yourself…Collect all 3!…or better yet, stop bein’ such a greedy ghoul and grab a set as a holiday gift for a fellow tiki freak!!"

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