Friday, October 22, 2010

Featured Artist: Tez

Here on the Secret Island we're great fans of Tiki and artists that feature them. There's always SHAG serving up tempting Tiki masterpieces, but what about those less well known but equally talented artists? I hope to regularly update viewers with what's on offer and where you can get your own... artists need our support and the tiki hut here is decorated with the work we've purchased from them.

We'll kick off with the work of Tez who resides on the Central Coast of New South Wales in Australia. As a self professed sculptor, painter and tinkerer of things, “MINIMALISTIKI” is just one of his creations. “MINIMALISTIKI” is a modern, minimalist take on the monolithic Easter Island tiki gods known as Moai and are individually hand screen printed ceramic sculptures.

Our very own “MINIMALISTIKI” has pride of place in the bar here on the Secret Island. I'm not sure how many if any of these are still out there looking for dusty Tiki Bar shelves to sit on but the work of TEZ is certainly worth watching in the future.

Artist Profile: Tez
Artist Blog: Sure Ain't Sushi
Artist Website: Skull Pussy

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