Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Visit the Tikiyaki Polynesian Village Resort ...

As I mentioned in my previous post the Secret Island is currently under the firm grip of an Icy Winter... 16 degree maximums inside a bamboo hut has me wishing for Summer and/or warmer climes!

I stumbled across the Tikiyaki Orchestra Village Resort and found a really good deal. Not only to you get the keys to room 151 for a week in the sunshine you also get a copy of the Tikiyaki Orchestra's new album Aloha Baby and a whole heap of booty that Tiki aficionados swipe from reputable Tiki establishments ... you know the mugs, ice bucket, matches, ash trays ... need I go on?

Here is a little more about the hotel itself...

"The Tikiyaki Polynesian Village was constructed at great cost on the golden sands of Waikiki Beach. The well known architectural firm of Dewy, Chetham & Howe was contracted to draw up the plans and build the tropical destination. All the interiors were contracted to be designed by I.M. Bland-one of Hawaii's greatest interior designers. I.M. Bland chose the decore of the Shanghai International Trading Company (ShITCO) as the outfitter for the well appointed room. ShITCO was chosen for its hand made Island look featuring carved furniture made of real Polynesian driftwood and other found artifacts."

Aloha Lanes just one of the substandard facilities available to guests!

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