Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tiki Light eBay Auction ...

Here on the Secret Island depite or relatively closeness to all things polynesian there really is little Tiki infuenced design or decoration. Trips to thirft stores, markets offer few rewards, even to a hardened beaccomber like me. I often return home empty handed...

eBay can cough up the odd local gem and reveal a tantilising glimpse of what else is on offer overseas ... oh if we didn't have to pay postage! ;0(

I've been watching this little Tiki Lamp for about a week or so, being offered up by a seller in South Australia. I'm not sure if they knew what they had or if they were offering an item and were interested in what it would go for!
"The most intricate detail on this fantastic 1960’s New Zealand lamp. Features Maori tiki’s galore – all different. Have never seen another like it. It is large and so very heavy. I don’t know what it is made from… it feels like a resin but has the weight of stone – definitely not ceramic. Either way, it is superb and around 50 years old!

The design is all the way round the lamp base… it looks great from any angle. Thoroughly inspected and there is no damage to the lamp base, it is really really nice. The shade is a neutral colour and has a subtle woven pattern. Stunning focal point in any room. Fantastic large size measures : 76cm (tall) x 100cm (circumference). Unpacked it weighs : 4.3kg"

I would have loved this but it was soon out of my price range. It ended up selling for AUS$358 which when converted is slightly more in US dollars. It set me thinking... is the rarity of such items here pushing the price up or would this have reached a similar price in the US.

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