Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Appleton Estate Tiki Mug Design Competition ...

October 2010 saw the highly anticipated release of the new Appleton Estate Rum Tiki Mug. Although long associated with tiki, this was the third year that Appleton Estate designed their own, customised Tiki mug for people like me.

2008... front and centre.

The Appleton Tiki mug has received an almost cult following and can be seen to grace many of the top bars and bartender’s homes around Australia.

2009 Going, going ... gone!

Last year’s design of the ‘Appleton Rum God’ was the best yet. Designed and manufactured by Tiki Farm’s Holden Westland and Appleton Estate, “the mug far surpassed previous designs,” Holden explained.

2010 Their best yet!
In 2011 Brown Forman is giving you the chance to achieve immortality by being the brains behind their latest Appleton Estate Rum God Tiki Mug design. “We want to give you, fans of Tiki and lovers of Appleton Estate Rum, your chance to become etched in history by creating your own piece of Tiki immortality and designing the 2011 Appleton Estate Rum God Mug,” states Darren West, Innovation and Agency Brand Manager for Brown Forman.

Creative genius is demanded for this year’s challenge. Is your Rum God stranded on a deserted island with nothing but beautiful scantily clad natives and a lifetime supply of Appleton Estate Rum? To start with, all they want is for you to bring your inspiration to them in words. Entries will be reviewed by their panel of judges who will select their top three Rum God creations.

“Should your story be one of the three chosen finalists you will then work with Tiki farm to design and bring your Rum God to life in the form of the next Appleton Estate Rum God Mug,” West says. Once the top three are designed the choice is turned over to the bar tending community with the mugs and their stories going on-line to be voted for by the industry.

The winner takes a once in a lifetime trip to Jamaica where they’ll spend time with Appleton’s Master Blender Joy Spence and visit the estate. Runners-up will receive a bottle of the limited release Appleton Estate 21 Year Old. Deadline for submissions is Sunday 13 March 2011. Good luck! Click here for more info.

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