Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wayne King Sounds of the Islands Decca Records 1930 ...

For your listening pleasure I present Wayne King's Sounds of the Islands from 1930 ...

"The islands will always create an aura of magic ... a spell of enchantment."

A popular 30s bandleader, Wayne King was known as the "Waltz King," his repertoire was made up of waltzes, novelty songs and sentimental recordings. Besides being a successful bandleader, Wayne King was also a saxophonist, often playing his instrument in the Wayne King Orchestra. King began recording for RCA/Victor records in 1929. Most of his hits did not become popular until the mid-30s, early 40s. The songs had a slow, dreamy style, sounds that people could easily dance to, and on this release the sounds of the islands provide a perfect vehicle for that.Many of these songs have the Big Bang treatment but with a flavour of the islands. My pick is Little Grass Shack.

The Big Band era was coming to an end in the late 40s and early 50s to make way for a new style of music. Many big bands and orchestras disbanded yet Wayne King's Orchestra continued playing and entertaining audiences well into the 1980s.

Enjoy The Sounds of the Islands.

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