Friday, February 11, 2011

It's Friday ... It's Fez Friday ...

The fez is named after the city of Fez, the metropolis of Morocco, which was the seat of numerous schools, libraries and a famous university. Fez formerly had a monopoly on the manufacture of Fezes as it had complete access to the juice of the berry used to color them.

The Fez Friday movement seems to be gathering pace, with a Fez Friday Facebook page as well as the Fez-o-rama Blog.

If you want to get your Fez on then you can look no further than Fez-o-rama who specialize in unique fez hat designs ranging from Tiki and Honu patterns, to Monkey and Gorilla fezzes. There are also modernist retro fezzes with far out patterns like the Atomic and Clockwork fezzes all hand-made in the USA.

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