Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Professor Papaya’s Wild Wahine Bikini Machine...

Derek Yaniger has been as busy as usual with details of new works being published or as Derek himself would put it "I got lots to lay on ya’…so lend an ear and I’ll commence to beatin’ my gums!!"

First up PosterPop Derek will release sixteen new sticker and t-shirts designs. Pictured here is false idols...

Now here on the Secret Island we like our wahines of the week, but sometimes a week feels like a long time between Wahines! Professor Papaya might just have the solution in the form of a new piece for the upcoming Tiki Caliente 3 art show to be held in Palm Springs from May 20th ’til the 22nd. Entitled “Professor Papaya’s Wild Wahine Bikini Machine” this is Derek's only contribution but is sure to sell!

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