Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Trader Sams - The Enchanted Tiki Bar ...

The Disney Parks Blog is reporting that its two new Disneyland restaurants will open later this month- Tangaroa Terrace and Trader Sam's.

"Trader Sam’s—Enchanted Tiki Bar is adjacent to Tangaroa Terrace – Casual Island Dining, with substantial “bar food” – sweet ‘n spicy Asian wings, chicken lettuce wraps, panko-crusted Chinese long beans with Sriracha mayo, tamarind-glazed pork shanks with green papaya slaw and ahi poke (sushi-grade tuna) with avocado, green onion and crispy wontons."

"But it’s the vintage island cocktails in kitschy glassware that we can’t wait to try. How about Krakatoa Punch with reserve aged rum, light rum, tropical juices, almond syrup and hibiscus grenadine? Or Uh Oa!, with light rum, spiced rum, guava, orange, passion fruit, grapefruit, fresh lime juice and cinnamon? Serious rum lovers will want to try the HippopotoMai Tai with two shots of light and dark rums, orange curacao, almond syrup, organic agave nectar and fresh lime juice. Now we’re dreaming of vacation time!"

While the drink names might have been over sweetened Disney style and leave a bitter taste I'm hoping that the drinks themselves hit the spot. Looking forward to hearing of some taste tests and seeing images of the actual interior.


  1. I'm really excited about this opening. Espcecially, since I'm going to Disneyland in August. Can't wait!

  2. Unfortunately this 'Re-Imagineering' of the Disneyland Hotel complex isn't doing it any favors. And Tangaroa Terrace & Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar is just one example.

    And I admit it. I'm old school here. I'm not one that thinks just because change is inevitable it is somehow good. I wasn't at all impressed with TSETB inside and especially outside. Inside too small and too dark. Outdoor terrace didn't remind me much of a Tiki bar what with that sad iron fencing/railing surrounding it. Iron lanterns? You've got to be kidding me. Can't you at least make iron to look like bamboo? Of course you can. And that furniture? Much too modern looking. Waiters & servers? Don't get me started. What's with those uniforms??? If you want someone to have that 'enchanted tiki' feeling you don't put uniforms on your waiters/servers. Dress them up 'in costume'.

    The only thing that was good was my martini. But how can you mess that up? But even though it's now served in a glass instead of plastic as with the 'use to be there 'The Lost Bar', I'd give anything to have it back that way. And while you're at it. Give me back my water falls, my koi ponds, my Jungle Cruise arcade...