Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tiki Soap ...

I've posted here before that Tiki's are strangely addictive and have a mystical power that can take over every aspect of your life. You start with a simple carving, before you know it you have prints, mugs, squeaky dog toys and the soap!

Available from VeganKittyX0X0 these soapy little Tikis measure in at 2.75" inches high and come in your choice of colour and smell. For $9 USD you get three and whats more they are all made from all vegan veggie glycerin.

"These groovy little guys look great sitting around being cool - but don't be afraid to get them working in the shower or at the sink too! Veggie glycerin creates a nice lather and makes your skin soft and happy!"

... You can even keep the Tiki Gods happy too! ;0)

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