Sunday, December 26, 2010

101 Strings. Romance of Hawaii 1969 Alshire Records ...

101 Strings was the brand for a highly successful easy listening symphonic music organization, with a discography exceeding a hundred albums and a creative lifetime of roughly thirty years. Record label mogul David L. Miller came to prominence by releasing the first Bill Haley & His Comets’ records in 1952-1953 on his own Essex label in the United Kingdom.

Following the rise of popular mood music artists Mantovani and Jackie Gleason Presents, Miller subcontracted the Northwest German Radio Orchestra of Hamburg conducted by Wilhelm Stephan to play in-house arrangements of popular standards. The first 101 Strings album was released in late 1957; an astounding 24 titles were released in 1958. These records were pressed by Miller’s own plants and released through his own distribution channels such as grocery stores, part of the reason why they are so common in dusty thrift store record piles.

In 1964, Miller sold the franchise to Al Sherman, a successful record label distributor, who renamed the label Alshire (based in Los Angeles, California) and moved recording to London. The Alshire era is characterized by large-scale expansion of product, attempts to branch out into younger markets and, beginning in 1969, eventual stagnation despite some late efforts from Les Baxter released under the 101 banner!

This pre the stagnation (in my opinion)release titled Romance of Hawaii...
Conjures up pictures of surf on sun drenched beaches, azure skies, shimmering corals, blue lagoons, lush jungle and exotic flowers!

Enjoy 101 Strings - Romance of Hawaii. 1969

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