Monday, December 20, 2010

Wahine of the Week: Sabina Kelley...

It's been a little while between Mai Tai's as I ventured up the coast of the Secret Island with the wahine and the savages for a spot of camping. I've returned fresh and revitalised to bring you the best in Tiki Lifestyle...

The good people at Blogger tell me that the three of the top five posts here on Mia Huna Moku are the regular Wahine of the Week posts... for obvious reasons! What better way to mark my return than to feature my next Wahine of the Week: Sabina Kelley.

Sabina Kelley has established herself as a true, modern day, pinup and icon. With a wide international presence, she has graced dozens of magazine covers as well as major ad campaigns, television, music videos, calendars, and so much more. Sabina has been modeling professionally for over 10 years and dancing since the age of two. She is professionally trained in ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, and pointe. She went from a small town ballerina to a big time Las Vegas showgirl performing in Jubilee for 2 1/2 years at Ballys Hotel. She is currently training to headline her first ever burlesque dance show.

While modeling with a lot of tattoos goes against industry norms, Sabina has been very successful in the mainstream-modeling world. However she shows the world that you can be heavily tattooed and still be beautiful, classy, and sexy. Sabina co-owns two tattoo shops in Las Vegas; Bombshell Tattoo and Staytrue Tattoo with her husband, Kent Kelley. Ironically enough she also owns her own laser tattoo removal business called Bombshell Tattoo Removal.

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