Sunday, December 5, 2010

Introducing the Blue Hipster ...

The Blue Hipster is Dutch artist and musician Bert. Working from a gallery in Utrecht his work can be filed under feel good, colourful, retro, cartoonesque, cocktail, music, travel and mid-century commercial art.

Having started out as a freelance illustrator he was soon encouraged to take his vibrant works to a much larger scale. In addition to continued illustration work he now also paints on unusual panorama-wide canvas (150x60 cm or 200x80 cm).

His recent illustration work has featured on many magazines, some of my favourite websites, record cover art, posters and print artwork. If you’re looking for something “Hip’n’Cool” for your project then check out the link on his website.

His painted works are painted with acrylic paints and great for a big wall in your living-room, bedroom, office, restaurant or Tiki Bar! These are often created as commissions following a brief from the soon to be owner. You issue the brief, check out the initial sketches before sitting back for a couple of weeks and wait for it to arrive! Check out more about how you can get the Blue Hipster painting for you.

His website also features some classic Exotica and it would seem that he does more than just listen having put together an album of Dutch Exotica tracks. I hope to do a little more research and find out more about the musical side of the Blue Hipster in future weeks!

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