Monday, January 10, 2011

Oh for a "proper" Tiki Bar ...

 I've mulled over this post for about a week, I should perhaps be more encouraging, appreciate it as a step in the right direction but I can't help but feel disappointed by the lack of what I would consider a genuine Tiki Bar within driving distance (... I'm talking about fifteen hours here!) I'd love to know your thoughts.

Right where do I start... firstly here's the disclaimer.. I have not visited Freaky Tiki myself nor do I have any issues at all with the clientele. However the fact that I have no desire to drive two and a half hours to what would have been be my closest Tiki Bar is disappointing.

I woke here on The Secret Island to a post on Tiki Talk Freaky Tiki, gay tiki bar temporarily open in Sydney, AU ... you can imagine my excitement. Its pretty much downhill from there.

Here's what they are saying...

  • Its a Tiki themed bar, that's proving popular!
  • There is a fun vibe about the place.
  • Doesn’t have any pokies. (gaming machines.. most Aussie joints have them row on row!!)
  • This is a temporary renovation... worth remembering that.                                                              

  • Predominantly plays reggae!
  • Decor is … well, let’s be nice and call it kitsch.
  • The old bar is still there but now has bamboo attached to it, the walls have fake flowers peeking out of them, there’s lurid green astroturf on the floor and paper lanterns and mini plastic skeletons dangle from the ceiling.
  • A tiki bar can be so much more than this...  (...sums it all up for me!)                                              

The Lava Rooms.

Sydney needs a genuine Tiki Bar run by people who genuinely understand Tiki Culture. The Lava Rooms a combination event space/art happening/party venue had it right, although events were invitation only. I'm hoping that when Freaky Tiki reaches the end of its six months, a few more Australians will know what a Tiki is and that the owners will see it as a worthwhile theme worth developing in the right way rather than a discount store fancy dress easy fix. Watch this space ...


  1. It is a shame that you don't have a great Tiki Bar near by! I'm lucky. I only have about a 45 minute drive to Milwaukee's Foundation Tiki Bar and in two hours I can be to Chicago where there are several Tiki options.

    That being said it is probably only fair to wait and see what happens after the renovations. My guess is they are trying to test the Tiki theme to see if it'll work without spending a lot. Maybe we could get a hold of the management and see what they are planning.

    Mahalo for a great article!

  2. ... would be nice to have a local!

    I think you're right. Lets take it as a step in the right direction and hope that it still has legs in six months. I'll see what I can find out...