Saturday, January 1, 2011

Shag - A print, an exhibition and a life threatening injury ...

SHAG latest print release is "Cat Serenade" a fifteen colour serigraph measuring in at 43 x 57cm. It is available now from the Shagmart.

The newsletter from the Shagmart also contained the following:

Many of you have heard about the life-threatening accident that Shag suffered a few weeks ago. We want to thank you for all of the well wishes and let you know that he is expected to make a full recovery. Due to the accident, Shag is planning to take the next year or so easy and will not be exhibiting any original paintings.

Concerned at this news I've had a dig around on the internet and Tiki Central and I'm still none the wiser. Although I was a little relieved to hear that he was able to attend the opening night of his new exhibition Ambergris at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York.

Tiki's still feature but ...

Agle resumed surfing for the first time since his early twenties, at which time, he began to have recurring dreams about whales trying to kill him. The nightmares prompted the artist to read Herman Melville classic novels Moby Dick and Billy Budd, which further sparked his interest in whales, whaling, sea farers and nautical themes. Each painting in this series contains a whale or large fish, adorned with hot-rod style pinstripes, to complement the artist’s signature aesthetic.

Ambergris the title of the exhibition itself refers to foul smelling wax-like substance secreted within the intestines of the sperm whale! At least nothing about the exhibition stinks.

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