Friday, January 7, 2011

Tiki on Tumblr...

Ah you've got to love social networking ... so little spare time but so many ways to connect with others and while away the hours! To be honest though when you live on a place like The Secret Island you'll use any way possible to connect with other Tiki-philes out there who have access to some of the most iconic Tiki venues and events on their doorsteps. I was recently asked on Twitter "Hukilau or Tiki Oasis?" ... my response "Neither both half a world away!" (... but oh how I'd love to go!)

I recently signed up at Tumblr and I'm loving it. Its a great way to blog if you're short on time but still want something creative in your life. I like how visual it is and the way that people can share their images with the world. Here are three of my favourites from Tikilicious.

One of the best things about Tiki Culture is the community that it creates. If you want to get in touch then leave a post, or get yourself across to your social networking site of choice.


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