Thursday, January 6, 2011

Stanley Wilson Pagan Love Capitol Records 1961...

Stanley Wilson was a key figure in Hollywood's music industry in the 1950s and 1960s, and rarely recorded specifically for record audiences, however his Pagan Love album is considered a classic piece of Jungle Exotica. In the late 1950s, he joined the new television arm of Universal Studios as head of creative activities, which meant he was in charge of putting music behind all of the studio's productions, hiring and assigning composers, arrangers, orchestrators, and conductors. In this position, Wilson employed many of the other arrangers and composers most notably, Juan Garcia Esquivel, with whom he composed the signature melody that accompanied the Universal emblem at the end of all the studio's shows.

Here's a quote from the sleeve notes...

One of the most colorful and important facts of Pagan Life is the Courtship Ritual. But while the idea of Ritual is common to all primitive societies, pagan love rites run a startling gamut. From the death defying land diving of the New Hebrides through the perilous ballet of the Malayan Pinchak knife fight to the innocent witchcraft of Zulu love magic. Composer and conductor Stanley Wilson here artfully weaves these varied threads of aboriginal amour into richly colored music alive with brilliant and impressive sounds. Blending western instruments with those of the south seas, he has created love themes which are at once exotic and familiar. Alternately sensual, sublime, melodramatic, and comic. these pieces were first conceived by Stan as the score for a colorful documentary called the Mating Urge! "Here the music stands alone as a magnificent evocation of "Pagan Love"

Enjoy some Pagan Love.

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