Monday, January 3, 2011

Swanky's Blather ...

I thought I would give readers of The Secret Island a heads up (not that he needs it ... he is the master I am the student!) of Tim "Swanky" Glazner's blog Swanky's Blather. I'm a regular reader and love the attention to detail in his posts which bring together his collecting of Tiki ephemera, cocktail capers and all round retro goodness.

I'm currently trawling through the archives of vintage commercial Hawaiian slides. For me they sum up perfectly the essence of what attracts me to the Tiki Lifestyle and a great visual source of information about the past. Here are a couple of samples ...

Swanky is a real Poly Pop mover and shaker as well as author of his blog he is also creator and organizer of Hukilau and collector of Polynesian Pop. He created the first carving seminar for Tiki carvers and helped organize Tiki Eyeball at the Aku Tiki Room in Illinois. He is a writer for Tiki Magazine. He produced the Tiki Daze calendar and was voted “Best Mixologist” by Metro Pulse magazine. He is into Midcentury culture and Tiki is a part of that.

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