Monday, January 17, 2011

Wahine of the Week: Doris Mayday...

It's Tuesday O'Clock and that can mean only one thing ...

Meet Las Vegas native Doris Mayday, a stunningly beautiful blonde representing the Retro Pinup lifestyle.  With looks reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe, this modern day pinup stays busy modeling for companies like PinupGirlClothing and Bettie Page Clothing.   Doris is also the manager of the Bettie Page Store at the Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas, all at the tender age of  21!

Here's something for you fact fans... 
  • Took on the stage name of Doris Mayday when she was on a roller derby team. Combined class act “Doris Day” with “Mayday” to describe herself.
  • Accessories Doris cannot live without:  Fake eyelashes and belts!
  • Admitted that she’s enhanced her curves thru corset training.  Doris waist-trains with corsets from Bad Attitude which allows her to shrink her waist down to 22 inches!
  • Is a huge fan of Antiquing!  Doris is a collector of anything from vintage 30′s to the 60′s.

I'm not the only one with a soft spot for her. Check out Aubrey London's Doris Mayday Post .

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