Friday, January 21, 2011

Tiki Tank ...

I've been toying with the idea of a fish tank for the bar... but I'm always put off by the little glass box with a lid look. I have considered giving it the bamboo treatment but unsure as to how it might turn out. Then I spotted this and it's ... well perfect!

With swaying palms and the echo of distant drums, let the Aloha Tiki model transport you into the romance of Polynesia. This cylindrical aquarium is incorporated within a delicately carved tiki statue, detailed with native images. With its hand-carved appearance and authentic finishes, this aquarium is sure to be a conversation piece. This is a complete set-up kit and it includes an advanced filtration system, and a power compact lighting unit with bulb, a package of synthetic sea salt, sand, and a 25 watt submersible aquarium heater. Just add filtered water and you are ready to go.

It's very tempting but at $341USD it ain't cheap and when I see $341 I see a whole lot of full rum bottles and tiki mugs! Check out MyFishTank for more detail.

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