Friday, November 26, 2010

Christmas Stocking Fillers #1: Whirlingturban Dress.

For eleven months of the year the only Christmas I think about is Christmas Island ... however for one month only the thought of what to buy Mrs. Tiki Sasquatch for Christmas gives me sleepless nights. What do you buy your Wahine beauty who already has everything?

Well this year I'm going to give it some serious thought and bring you the best gifts out there for fans of Tiki and Polynesian Pop. Starting today with a dress from Whirlingturban

The ladies at Whirlingturban have Christmas sewn up as they take all the stress out of buying the perfect dress for that someone special. You gift them a dress and then she picks the dress style, fabric and the size so that it picks her perfectly! That way she gets the dress of her dreams and the reduced chance of us getting the wrong size, shape, style again this year!

There are two styles which might interest readers of the Secret Island. The Dorothy Lamour pictured above is a classic sarong style dress and a "tribute to the design genius of Alfred Shaheen, the Hawaiian design god of the 50's.This dress is not only one of the most flattering dresses to come out of the 50's; it is certainly one of the most flattering designs of all time." 

Below is the Hawaiian  Heaven which is Whirlingturban's interpretation of Fredericks of Hollywood 1956 creation of the same name.

Whirlingturban Bombshell Dresses and Pinup Couture are made in a small, custom design studio surrounded by an orchid-dripping and dragonfly-humming tropical garden in exotic Bali.With a tiny staff of Bali’s best seamstresses, and with the help of local fabric dyers printers and weavers, they make garments lovingly, by hand, one at a time. They recreate "Vintage Greats"; the most desirable and hard to find styles, using hand work and construction techniques which are no longer practical on modern factories. They offer an array of sizes that only a small shop which can afford to cut one by one can offer, thus giving their customers a "Movie Star Fit".

Go on treat that special person in your life this year...

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