Saturday, November 27, 2010

Kahiki Collectables - Update

You might remember my previous post on the fate of the iconic Kahiki Tiki and Fireplace. Well the bids are in and the eBay auction has ended.

The good news is that the Tiki has been sold for $890.22 or in the local currency here on the Secret Island  AU $923.66. I guess it was always going to be the more practical of the two buys. I can just imagine the Tiki standing proudly in its new spot, with loving owners, restored with the flaming red top knot back in position.

The Fireplace at twenty two feet in length has fewer applications and potential new homes and remained unsold  with a top bid of $16.50 (AU $17.12) after the reserve was not met. It is much harder to gift wrap, get under the tree and just imagine Santa's trip down that baby! It's future remains unclear ...

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