Thursday, November 11, 2010

Critiki ...

Critiki is a reference resource for the collecting, travelling or researching tikiphile, with information on over 700 locations and over 3,000 images. Regular readers are encouraged to share their opinions on any of these locations they've visited, in the form of a critiki — a ratings on a scale of 1 to 10 on a variety of criteria are given, including drink quality, music, service, mood and tikiness. Helping fellow tikiphiles know whether a place is, in the words of Humuhumu the webmaster, "a must-see, classic-tikis-everywhere joint, or a tiki-stops-at-the-name, beer-and-karaoke dump."

As well as the uploaded reviews there are also the images which help build a picture of what a place is really like, or might have been like in the past! Each day there is theme and I particularly enjoyed the recent advertising one. Lots of retro design and fonts to check out, I particularly liked this one...

Critiki is a free, not-for-profit website, created by Humuhumu aka Michelle Trott who lived in Hawaii for a short while which left a lasting impression plus a love for themed environments, midcentury Americana, Tiki and Polynesian Pop. Her life hasn't been the same since and it wouldn't be as she also runs two other tiki themed websites, Humu Kon Tiki - A tiki news & information blog and Ooga-Mooga - A website for tiki mug collectors which I hope to feature in another post.

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