Sunday, November 21, 2010

Richard in Your Mind Candelabra

Listening to the radio here on The Secret Island heard something strangely familiar amongst all the other stuff. It was a track by a band from Sydney Australia called Richard in Your Mind which features a very Quiet Village-esque bass line.

Having done a little digging around about them it would seem that Richard In Your Mind are full of inventiveness and spark, offering up genuinely odd, mind-bending music, the kind as likely to veer off into a hip hop verse as it is an extended sitar workout. They once described their sound like this

“Live it’s just your standard guitar/bass/drums/vox/synth/sax/harmonica/megaphone kinda thing, but in recording we love experimenting with heaps of stuff like harmonium, sitar, tabla, juju shaker (with a voodoo curse), gongs, bells, samples and any toy that makes a cool sound. Then we just put delay on everything…”

Love this record sleeve on so many levels!
Four years after starting out, the newly expanded five piece has reccently offered up "My Volcano", their keenly awaited second lp. With stand out tunes like this they are sure to capture imaginations here and on the mainland!

Triple J Unearthed - Richard in Your Mind.

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