Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tiki Treasure Trawl ...

With some rare spare time we took the canoe and paddled from the Secret Island to the mainland! ;0) We returned with quite a haul of goodies, here in Australia we're not as blessed with the number of opportunities that Tikiphiles in the US might have. Still today was a good day...

A couple of resin N.Z Tikis, the little guy on the left has a stumpy foot so he was cheaper! Both have their paua shell eyes intact and came in at $3 for the pair! A coconut monkey ... sold to me by a bemused lady on the register for $4.

A couple of carved mugs these were both marked $5 I paid only $1 for the pair! The  records were an eBay purchase and pick up... a stack of wax for 90c! No classic or rare exotica in amongst it but lots to keep the Island record player spinning for a while.

I fell in love with this four piece, mainly for its clean lines and mix of rattan and modern materials. Came in at $200 hopefully offset by the sale of the existing bar furniture! ;0)

Wall shelf... free! Thrown in by the seller of the four piece!  Finally the N.Z Tiki measuring about 12 inches came in at $10. Its probably the cleanest example that I have.

So as you can see a productive day hunting and gathering.

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