Monday, November 15, 2010

Tiki Farm 10th Anniversary at La Luz De Jesus Gallery ...

Tiki Farm are the benchmark and prolific in the creation of fantastic Tiki Mugs, you would be hard pressed to have a collection without one! They recently celebrated their 10th Anniversary at the Le Luz De Jesus Gallery in L.A. offering collectors and fans an opportunity to see all their work in the once space! I wasn't there but this amazing video is the next best thing ...

Founded in 2000 by Holden Westland Tiki Farm has gone on to become the largest manufacturer of Tiki mugs in the world. It is argued that they have produced more mugs & designs than all other manufacturers combined - ever! Over 1,000 designs and 2 million mugs sold but with limited runs they all become collectible in some way and can fetch $300, although if you can get in early new releases can be snapped up between $10 and $15! Amazing when you consider that they have seven full time members of staff!

They have worked with some of the most recognized artist's in today's Tiki/Lowbrow movement including some of my favourites like Shag, Derek Yaniger, Marcus Thorn, Squid and Brad Parker! They have also been commissioned to produce custom mugs for literally 100's of bars, restaurants, resorts & luau's throughout the world like . Disneyland, Trader Vic's and Don Ho Enterprises.

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