Monday, November 1, 2010

Lalo Schifrin Gone with the Wave ...

Today's musical share from Lalo Schifrin is something of a departure from exotica, although it does have a definite exotic flavour. Lalo Schifrin (born June 21, 1932) is an Argentine composer, pianist and conductor, best known for his film and TV scores. You'd do well not to have watched a movie he has created the soundtrack for. He has received four Grammy Awards and six Oscar nominations.

This 1963 release on Colpix Records was the official soundtrack for "Gone With the Wave," an obscure surf movie directed by Phil Wilson, son of Revue (later Universal) music director Stanley Wilson. The elder Wilson was a beloved mentor for many prominent composers, including John Williams and Lalo Schifrin. Schifrin gladly accepted Stanley Wilson's invitiation to score son Phil's surf picture, and recorded 31 minutes of original compositions with a top-flight West Coast jazz band.
While the film itself was barely distributed, the soundtrack album on Colpix received rave reviews, eventually becoming a collector's item for both the jazz and surfing crowds with its array of Schifrin grooves from the glorious mid-1960s.

Here's my favourite from the album - A taste of Bamboo...

Enjoy - Lalo Schifrin Gone with the Wave.

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  1. Yep great album, If any ever finds a copy of the film in any format. Please let me know, Scotty